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DVF Studio, LLC
Disclosure Pursuant to California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010

Dated: February 6, 2013

DVF Studio, LLC is committed to ensuring that the human rights of its employees, contractors and other persons throughout its value chain are upheld and reinforced. In particular, as a business with a global supply chain, we are committed to ensuring that there are no violations of the human rights of workers or other persons in the communities in which our goods and services suppliers operate, wherever they are located. To that end:

  • Our senior management has adopted a human rights policy covering our supply chain. Our Code of Ethics includes zero tolerance for human trafficking or slavery in any form.
  • We have an internal process that evaluates the risk of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain. This process is built upon an independent third-party solution developed in 2008.
  • Company personnel conduct announced audits of suppliers to evaluate their compliance with our company‚Äôs Code of Ethics.
  • Our direct suppliers must certify in writing that they comply with applicable local laws regarding forced labor and human trafficking.
  • We have established accountability standards to address violations of our Code of Ethics. For example, we will not continue to work with suppliers who violate this Code.
  • Our supply chain management team receives professional advice regarding human rights issues, including human trafficking and slavery, from outside experts. We do not currently conduct a formal training program on these issues.

Persons with questions about our human rights policies should email us at: